Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Works Project.

For our class in New Works we formed into groups and made a short film based on a quote or saying, our group received. In my group we had difficulty creating an idea based on our quote. Once we jumped over that hurdle it wasn't difficult at all. I've never made a film before so this was a new and interesting experience for me. Being in theatre and loving film, I enjoyed imagining up a great story line.
       Some things that could have made this better was possibly a little more time to film and edit it. It would have been nice if we could have edited our film in class together as a group. Many of us wanted to put our input in, but couldn't without going to one's house (something we all weren't able to do due to our schedules). Because we all had different schedules we were not able to film outside of school as much, so we had to fit all of our filming in school and make sure our story line stayed in school. All of these things were no one's fault though.
       I enjoyed doing this project and hope we can do more like in the near future.

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