Monday, April 9, 2012

What we have learned in New Works

In our New Works class, we have experienced the aspects of all the clusters in our school. I am a theatre student and I have been exposed to many different aspects of other clusters. One example was when we had to make our instrument out of recyclable items. My instrument was modeled after a guitar. I had make sure my instrument had pitch, a resonating chamber, and was of course sturdy or usable. All these things easy to any music student but probably difficult to any other that has no musical background. Another example of what I have learned is lines and color in the visual art matter. I learned things such as cross-hatching or primary colors. I discovered that I use these things in my own life all the time and it doesn't just deal with visual artists. I even learned a little bit about my own cluster as far as lighting the stage. New works is a class where I can learn about other cluster and even my own.

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